How to Get a Felony Expungement without Paying a Fortune

Having a felony on your record can hinder living a happy and productive life. Your criminal record can lead to many missed opportunities. If you have a felony and you just can’t seem to achieve gainful employment, regardless of your qualifications you may very well be asking yourself, How can I get an expungement in Texas and clear my criminal record for good? Online research will probably be your first step in your research. View this site to see who helped me, but of course it depends on your location when you make a choice.

Locating an Affordable Expungement Lawyer

In order to expunge a felony without emptying your bank account, you’ll want to put in some leg work and interview more than one expungement lawyer; ideally between five and ten, however the closer you get to ten the better. It may be beneficial to locate and expunge attorney that has paralegals on hand, as this can sometime limit cost due to differing hourly rates. Any expunge attorney will give you an initial consultation free of charge. During your free consultation find out how many criminal expungement cases have been won. Also inquire about rates and whether or not a retainer is needed. Finally, discuss the possibility of retaining your own records and letters of recommendation, to reduce attorney cost.

Gathering Records to Expunge a Felony

Having all of your files and records available will speed up and improve your chances of getting an expungement in Texas. The first step is to visit your local Federal Bureau of Investigation building. From there you can pay a small fee and be given a print out of your entire criminal history, this is vital in that it shows a chronological listing of criminal behavior followed by the length of time that you have remained a law abiding citizen.


The records that will be the most beneficial are indications of rehabilitation. Your expungement attorney will have a greater chance of success in being awarded a felony expungement if there is a solid record of rehabilitation. Have a file ready that contains letters of completion from any programs you attended, this can be drug rehabilitation, anger management classes and even community service hours. If you were released early from probation a letter from your probation officer also has heavy clout and can be extremely beneficial.


Records of your accomplishments can also be valuable for your expungement attorney. Registration for college classes along with any volunteer work you have done are great personal accomplishments that a judge would like to see prior to expunging a felony record. Your accomplishments will show your judge that you have changed and that you’re attempting to better your life.

If college and probation isn’t available as an accomplishment there are still several outlets that can help to get your felony expunged. Individual technical classes such as a forklift operator certification shows a desire to increase career options that can be deemed useful and practical. Another often neglected accomplishment is any series of available parenting classes, completing them shows not only that you’re improving your life, it highlights the fact that you have chosen to improve the life of your children. Doing any type of work for the sake of another is a clear sign of criminal and personal rehabilitation.


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