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Expunge a Felony: Don’t Live With a Felony on Record If You Don’t Have To

Having a felony on your criminal record can be very damaging to your future. When you have a felony on your record, you are required to disclose the information when you apply for a job or rent an apartment. Anyone who wants to, can get a copy of your criminal record by doing a background check, and they will see that you have a felony on your record. The good news is, that you can see an expunge attorney. These expungement lawyers have the experience and the knowledge to expunge a felony.
The first thing that you need to do, is find out if you qualify for a felony expungement. Not everyone who has one on their record can expunge a felony. You can have a felony expunged if:

  • You were arrested for a crime, but never charged with the crime.
  • If you were charged with a crime, but is is later dismissed due to lack of evidence, lack of available witnesses, or lack of probable cause.
  • If the grand jury failed to indite you.
  • If your case went to trial, and you were found not guilty by a jury or a judge.
  • If someone stole your identity, and was arrested under your name.

If you fall into one of these categories, you have a very good chance of having your felony expunged off of your record. You could contact an expungement lawyer to see if they can take on your case. If you not do fall into any of these categories, you will probably not qualify for an expungement. However, if you received and also completed deferred adjudication for a felony, you can have your record sealed with an Order of Non-Disclosure. An Order of Non-Disclosure means that your record will be sealed so that you do not need to report your felony when applying for a job, an apartment, or a loan. If a background check is done, your felony will not show up. It would be visible however, to a specific number of government agencies.
If you live in Texas, and want to learn more about felony expungement in Texas, you should contact a felony expungement attorney. You can say to an expungement lawyer, “clear my criminal record”, however, it is not always that simple. It would take a meeting with the attorney to discuss your situation and see if they would be able to help you. Every case is different, therefore, you need to give your attorney all of the facts regarding your case, and they would also likely, obtain the information from the arrest, and the court case if there was one. Nobody should live with a felony on their record if they don’t have to.


Felony Expungement Is Just Not Something Possible In Some Felony Cases!

What is great about felony expungement is very clear. It is indeed a process that can surely clear one’s criminal record. However, if you are looking to clear my criminal record, in the event of a felony, which is not capable of being cleared from databases that do belong to crime. You may just be wishing to free yourself up from something that you will never be freed from at all. There just are certain kinds of felonies out there, which are not subject to expunge a felony, and it wouldn’t even make any sense to hire a felony expungement lawyer for yourself at all. Felony expungement is just not something that is possible in some felony cases.

clear my criminal record the dawson group

One murder case, which is now in the news, is no other than the Sierra LaMar case. This 15 year old girl was abducted and killed by the man who is being charged with her untimely demise. This man is no other than Antolin Garcia-Torres who took her life away without caring about the victim at all. He just mercilessly kidnapped her and killed her. Someone like him is not fit for any kind of felony expungement or to even get an expunge attorney. This is because he will not qualify for clearing his record ever in the eyes of the law, the eyes of the community, and the eyes of what is morally just and right of all those who know about this very sad murder case. The DA is seeking a death penalty against this monster, and this is what he does deserve, if only for what he did for this innocent and young teenage girl who didn’t deserve to die buy his hand. He is not someone who is, what you would call human, and a result of this. He robbed her of all that life. No criminal such as this, deserves to live, let alone to get his name cleared of a crime this heinous. More can be read about this trending court case at the following link of http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Antolin-Garcia-TorresSanta-Clara-County-DA-Seeks-Death-Penalty-in-Sierra-Lamar-Case-259814671.html.

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Another suspect who is making big news at the moment in the media is no other than the actor Michael Jace. Michael Jace is from the television show called “The Shield.” Jace was just recently charged in the shooting death of his wife. It was police who discovered the body of April Jace, age 40, on Monday night at her south Los Angeles home. Police arrested Jace on Tuesday for the shooting death of his wife. It was Michael Jace himself who called 911 to say his wife was shot. Neighbors also called 911 to say they heard shots going off, as well, too. Investigators did detain the actor at the home he shared with his wife on Monday night. The actor was then booked with a charge of homicide on early Tuesday. The motive for Jace shooting his wife was said to be tied to domestic abuse. Jace was then booked and taken to a Los Angeles jail. His bail was set at one million dollars. Now, this is just another perfect example of a suspect, who will probably be found guilty of murder when his trial date does come up. Despite the fact that he is a celebrity, he may never escape this crime, which was the shooting death of his own wife. He may also never get his name cleared from crime databases either.

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So, with this said, doesn’t matter if you have a name and lots of money or are poor and unknown. If you do a bad crime, you do the time, and that time is usually for rest of your natural born days. There are just some crimes that can never be cleared or erased, due to the utter brutality of them, and these are just examples of trending court cases that have murders involved in them. Michael Jace and his wife April didn’t have any reports of domestic abuse going on. However, Jace was accused of beating up his first wife, which was back in 1997. A friend of Jace’s first wife Jennifer Bitterman did state in a sworn statement in court that she saw Jace physically abuse his wife. This sworn statement was given at the custody battle case that went on with him and his wife for custody of their son in 2005. You can read more about this trending court case at http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/20/showbiz/shield-actor-michael-jace-homicide-charge/index.html.

A good expungement lawyer is very open to doing felony expungement for the right candidates. These right candidates can only be people who have done minor crimes. Those who have done major crimes might, as well, forget about ever getting their names totally cleared from the crimes that they have done. Sometimes, these type of crimes are with one all the time, and they cannot just be discarded like they never happened. Felonies are very bad things, and because they are bad things, they are something that just cannot be excused. The only way that they can be excused, is if, the convicted party was wrongly accused and sent to jail by mistake. If a convicted felon is found guilty, and does turn out, to be innocent of a crime and is freed from jail. He or she may be able to get their name cleared by an expunge attorney. However, there would have to be lots of valid evidence, to prove that the felon is indeed not guilty of the crime they were found guilty of by their peers. Clear my criminal record may be a possibility, but said felon would have to be cleared of all charges by law enforcement first of all, and then set free from prison. \\
A felony expungement attorney will do the very best they can for those who want a clean criminal record. Nonetheless, as was previously stated, they cannot perform any good outcome for those with major felony charges and convictions. This is just something that they cannot do, for not only ethical, but also for morale reasons.

No Expungement Attorney, & No Tolerance For Animal Abuse Crimes

The Law Is Too Easy On Abusers

At the present time, unfortunately, animal cruelty is a misdemeanor. It should be a felony. Like any other crime against a living being. Our pets depend upon us for their well being. They don’t ask for much. In return they give us love and loyalty, affection and attention. If you don’t believe that animals have love and affection for their humans, you must have missed stories of pets, in particular dogs, but it is not limited to dogs, of pets mourning their master just as a human being would mourn another. Perhaps you have never heard of a pet defending their master in a dangerous situation, even to the point of risking their lives for their human. I see stories and articles of these actions quite often too. Of course, many times these stories never get publicized. But they do happen more often than most of us realize. If you are with me on this, you can call your local expungement attorney and ask if they are willing to join the fight and start a petition.

Should We Clear Their Criminal Record?

In my opinion anyone who mistreats an animal should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps even more so than if they perpetrated this kind of abuse on a human. at least in most cases, a human can tell someone about it to get help. An animal cannot tell anyone, and oftentimes will not retaliate from fear, love or loyalty. Unlike a human being they cannot defend themselves.

No Appeal, And No Expungement Lawyer

There should be no recourse for them in a court of law. They should be punished for animal abuse just as if they had been convicted of abuse upon a human being. I also believe they should be labeled as an animal abuser, and registered just as a sex offender, so that they can never have access to another animal, and neighborhoods notified that an animal abuser lives nearby so that people can watch out for their pets, and keep them away. There should be no expungement lawyer or expungement attorney permitted to go after the concept of ”clear my criminal record“, ever. Once an abuser, always an abuser. It is an act as criminal as any, and they should carry this with them forever.

Now I have no legal background. It’s probably a good thing for an animal abuser that I don’t. I do however have the ability to tell other pet lovers how I feel. I hope they can see this as I do and help to promote law changes that will stop, or at least help to control this growing menace to our pets. Report animal abuse when you suspect it. To be sure it may take a Veterinarian or someone more familiar to examine the animal for a determination, particularly if it is not blatant. But it needs to be reported. You can contact the ASPCA, the Police, Animal Control, or a Vet. Whatever you do, if you suspect animal cruelty, get involved. You may save a life.

Love Your Pet As They Love You

By now I think you can see I am not some kind of fanatic. Any animal, whether wild or domesticated should never be abused or mistreated in any way. I’m sure I am not the only person who feels that way. Yet, almost daily I read articles of animal abuse. I find it hard to understand how someone can be so heartless as to mistreat an animal. Especially a pet. Yet it happens all too often.I apologize for my long winded rant. But this is a subject that is very dear to me. I have had pets all my life. I have never had a pet that wasn’t my best friend. I have one now, that I raised from a pup. He is healthy and happy, and as loving as you would ever want. And nobody had better ever do anything to harm my baby. He is a joy in my life, and I would be lost without him.

With all this being said, I must admit, I have no problem with hunting. I do not approve of hunting for sport alone. I believe what you hunt you eat. I also believe that Native Americans had the right idea, and that is to use as much of any animal taken as possible. I also believe that if an animal is taken, it should be done as humanely as can be done. I have been a hunter myself, and I can see the value. Not only for food, but to control animal population.

Thanks for stopping by to read my article. My hope is that if you’ve read this far then you are supportive of this cause. Here is a real tear-jerker of a video about a dog who was definitely in love with his master.

What Can An Expungement Attorney Do For You?

If you have been convicted with any felonies, including those related to animal abuse, you are now in possession of a criminal record that will follow you all the days of your life- unless you hire an expungement lawyer to clear up your record. If you are in Texas, like myself, I know of one who has helped my friends brother. His name is Kelly Dawson and you can find him by searching “The Dawson Law Group

Even if you get your charges dropped a record of your arrest still exists. Expungement lawyers specialize in removing blemishes from your arrest record, even fingerprints and booking photos are destroyed from police records. Regardless of the reason for the charge, it will end up on your permanent record which can affect your future in a negative way when it comes to employment, loan applications, security access, and even education.

Why Do I Need an Expungement Lawyer To Clear My Record?

If you do not clear your record, you could be facing years of problems that you don’t deserve such as :

  • Loss of employment opportunities. It can be very difficult to find a job with a felony conviction
  • May not be able to go to college
  • Difficulty getting required licenses for your job because the licensing board does criminal background checks .

What Can An Expungement Attorney Do For You?

It is important to get record cleared because life is difficult enough already without the stress of past criminal convictions hanging over your head. Hiring an expungement attorney will help you get a fresh start so that the actions of your past do not continue to haunt your present circumstances.You can not clear your record on your own expungement lawyers must take action. In order to complete this process, the proper documents must be filed and arranged to be reviewed by a judge for things to go smoothly. Talking to a lawyer will give you a better idea of what you can do right now to over the criminal mistakes of your past.

How Can an Expungement Attorney Actually Help Me?

1. Let you know if you meet the requirements . Certain violent and other serious crimes cannot be expunged

2. May not be eligible if you are convicted of another crime after the one you are seeking expungement

3. Expungement lawyer must file motion to court that must be signed by judge

4. In case of a hearing, the expungement lawyer will guide you.

It is important to hire an expungement attorney to help you clean your arrest record because the rules vary from state to state and you will need the help of an experienced navigator of the legal system. Additionally, not all convictions can be expunged, your lawyer will inform you of your status. For example, if you have entered a pre or post trial diversion agreement and have completed your probation successfully then you are eligible. However, if you violate the diversion agreement, it will be nullified and and make expungement impossible.

Should an Expungement Lawyer Help an Animal Abuser?

There is nothing worse than seeing a dog or other animal being abused or treated cruelly.  Most of us enjoy animals and their company, it seems unconscionable to us when people mistreat them. The month of April has been designated as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  Countless people, as well as animal rights groups are trying to get law passed to protect animals from abusive owners. Hopefully the next step is to not allow them to apply for the ”clear my criminal record” procedure which comes with the help of an expungement lawyer.

clear my criminal record the dawson group

Currently, many states are pushing for legislation that would impose stiff penalties on people convicted of animal cruelty.  Animal advocates are stressing the need for animal abuse to be a felony rather than a misdemeanor, to emphasize that it is wrong to to deliberately inflict pain or injure an animal. Many of us have strong views on animal abuse.  When you see a defenseless animal that has obviously been abused, is ill or injured due to mistreatment, we get very angry and want something terrible to happen to the person who did it.

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Many people have expressed anger that someone guilty of animal abuse only received a fine or minimal time served for the crime of animal abuse.  Occasionally, when someone has a criminal history, they may try to seek expungement of their convictions.  However, many people feel that crimes like animal abuse should never have the opportunity to expunge their convictions.  It is such a heinous crime, and these abusers are very likely repeat the animal abuse if not stopped permanently.   How To Spot Animal Cruelty. One may think that it is easy to see when an animal is being abused, but that is not always the case.

For example, most people are familiar with “puppy mills,” where the owner has dozens of animals housed in cramped, filthy conditions, (rusted crowded cages, sitting in their own waste, etc).But what about individual dogs or cats in a home that are abused?  The experts at the ASPCA say that animals who display fearful, timid or aggressive behavior  may be experiencing abuse, but not always.However, one cannot determine animal abuse on behavior alone.

One of the characteristics that endears animals to us, is their forgiving, loving nature. State Laws That Prevent Animal CrueltyThe following states currently rank as the top five states in the U.S. that have the stiffest penalties for animal abuse.  These states include:






Recent legislature has provided three main provisions for animal abuse: the duty to provide adequate care, the intentional infliction of pain and suffering, and anti-animal fighting.  Some states also allow for the seizure of property, such as cars and homes if animal fighting is part of the crime.   Many states are now strengthening their seizure and forfeiture laws in the last couple years.One example is Michigan, where intentional inflicting of pain carries the severest penalty for animal cruelty and is automatically a felony.  If one is found guilty of failure to provide adequate care, is penalty is a misdemeanor, but a second violation becomes a felony.

Subsequent violations also carry the penalty of a felony.  Animal fighting violations may carry the penalty of misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the fighting and abuse. So in summary, an expungement lawyer should not be able to help someone who is convicted of animal cruelty.  For more information on state laws preventing animal cruelty, you can visit the following link.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here is a heartwarming video to end the article.

Expungement Lawyer Not Allowed For Animal Cruelty Charges

Just as humans do, animals feel pain, loneliness, and hunger. However, they are victims without a voice and they must rely on others to speak for them. As a result, I feel that it is only fair that animal abuse should be prosecuted as a felony, not a misdemeanor. Additionally, I strongly believe that this is a crime that should never be expunged, regardless of how hard an expungement lawyer argues it should be.

Physical Signs of Animal Abuse

Generally, physical abuse is the easiest to identify and, perhaps, the most difficult for an expungement lawyer to fight for removal from a criminal record. Of course, open wounds, signs of numerous healed injuries, extreme thinness to the point of emaciation, fur infested with ticks, fleas, or other parasites, and patches of bumpy, scaly skin rashes are obvious causes for concern and should be reported immediately. However, there are signs that may not immediately be recognized as abuse. Examples include collars that are tight enough to potentially become embedded in the animal’s neck, heavy eye or nose discharge that goes without treatment, and signs of extremely poor grooming, such as heavily matted fur.

Environmental Signs of Animal Abuse

It tends to be more difficult to prove environmental abuse. Therefore, if a person is convicted based on strong evidence of environmental abuse, it should result in a felony charge that cannot be expunged, regardless of what argument is presented by an expungement lawyer. It is important to know what constitutes potential abuse and should be reported immediately. Indications of environmental abuse include pets that are housed in small cages or kennels that impede their normal movements, pets kept on chains for long periods of time or in small areas without adequate food or water, pets that only have unsanitary food or water accessible, pets that are restricted to areas with excess garbage, feces, or any objects that have the potential to harm them, and pets that are left outdoors without proper shelter in inclement weather, including extreme heat, cold, rain, or snow.

How to Report Animal Abuse

Animals put their faith in humans to protect them by reporting any suspected animal abuse. It is required that any report of alleged animal abuse must be investigated. The easiest and quickest way to report possible cruelty or neglect is by calling 911. However, you can also contact your local animal control department, humane society, or animal shelter to make a report. Be aware that most jurisdictions will accept anonymous reports of animal abuse. However, successful prosecution increases when a witness testifies. As a result, you should be willing to testify in court to make certain justice is served for the abused.

Every state has laws prohibiting animal abuse, and with the exception of South Dakota, they all have the felony provisions. Now, if we can just make certain expungement lawyers are unable to get these charges expunged from a criminal’s record, we will be moving even further in the right direction. The topic is sad, and now that it’s time for a weekly video, I’m going to end it with a heartwarming happy ending.

The “Clear My Criminal Record” Process

Having a felony on your record can affect you for the rest of your life, in ways that many people do not even consider. We all know that having a criminal record can effect your chances of getting certain jobs, and can even prevent you from joining the military, but a felony can also affect your credit rating, and your ability to get a home loan. With all of the ways a felony can affect your life, it only makes sense to try felony expungement. While doing research on this article I ran across a local attorney in my area that seems to know how to handle such cases. This is his great looking site: http://dawsonlawgroup.com/.

clear my criminal record the dawson group

Expunge a Felony

There is a difference between having a felony record sealed and having a court expunge a felony. With felony expungement, the criminal file and all pertinent paperwork are completely destroyed as if they never existed. With a sealed felony, only the details of the crime are sealed not the existence of a possible crime. A sealed record can also be opened by an order from the court. If you truly want a past crime to be erased, hiring an expungement lawyer is your best course of action.

felony expungement the dawson group

Expungement Attorney

To begin the long and tedious process of how to “clear my criminal record” in Texas, your expunge attorney will first determine if you are even eligible. Some of factors that are taken into consideration when determining eligibility can include,

* Arrested but not charged.
* The pending charge was dismissed.
* The charge was a juvenile misdemeanor or a minor alcohol rated charge.
* Received a pardon from a government official or were acquitted by an appeals court.

If your felony charge meets any of these guidelines, then it is possible to petition to have the charge erased from your public records.

expunge a felony the dawson group

Expungement in Texas

Once it has been determined that you meet one or more of the requirements to be eligible for felony expungement, your attorney can begin the expungement process. A Petition for Expunction will be applied for, as a court hearing is set. During the hearing, the court will hear all the interested parties before making its decision. If all the requirements are meet, then the petition will be granted. One important thing to remember is that each felony must be expunged separately. While you might be eligible on multiple felony charges, they can only be erased one at a time. Your attorney should be able to shorten the process by scheduling multiple court dates though.

expungement lawyer the dawson group

Clear My Record

It is possible to expunge a felony record in Texas, and an expunge attorney can help you handle all of the necessary paperwork. While having a felony charge on their public record may not affect everyone’s life, for the majority of us a felony can have life changing effects on our lives. These minor marks on your record can prevent you from getting your perfect job, or even your dream house. That is why so many Texas residents are turning to the legal profession to help clean up their records.

While expunging a record does erase the felony from the public’s eye, law enforcement agencies will still have access to the information.

The Process of How to Expunge a Felony in Texas

It is a little known fact that if you have been arrested and it didn’t lead to a conviction you may be eligible for a felony expungement. A common mistake made is that people believe once a case has been dismissed that the arrest has been removed from their criminal record, this is in fact untrue and the arrest will still show up in pre-employment check and public records making it more difficult to gain employment.
The question you need to ask yourself in this situation is ‘How can I find out if my case has a criminal history and if it does how could I clear my criminal record?’ Anyone can receive a copy of their criminal history from the Texas Department of Public Safety. If your record is clean you will receive a certified letter stating ‘No record on file’, if however your file contains a criminal history you may have the option of expungement.

Felony Expungement Eligibility

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you qualify to have a felony expunged before seeking out an expungement lawyer. If you have pled  ‘guilty’ or were convicted at trial you won’t be eligible for expunction unless you have been pardoned by the governor. However, if your case was dismissed, you were acquitted or someone else was arrested using your name then you may eligible for expungement and should seek the help of an expunge attorney.

How Long Does it Take to Expunge a Felony?

Generally, there is a short waiting period required before you can file a petition for expunction. Lower level offences tend to have a shorter waiting period than higher level offences but the duration is specific to the circumstances. Considering you and your expunge attorney have gathered the necessary documents and completed the required paperwork, you can expect to get a petition for expulsion before a judge in 40-60 days.

clear my record

What Happens When Once the Felony is Expunged?

Once the order has been granted by a judge it may take a few weeks to months to seal your records and receive confirmation that records of the arrest have destroyed and removed. However, you can deny the arrest took place on employment applications straight away.

What if I Have Received a Deferred Adjudication or Probation?

In this case you will not qualify for expunction but may qualify for non-disclosure. Non-disclosure is similar to expunction in that you can deny the occurrence of the arrest to potential employers, however, unlike expunction the records aren’t destroyed but sealed from the public and remain available to law enforcement and can be used in any future prosecution.

The laws for expunction vary from state to state and the above is only valid for expungement in Texas. I would highly recommend obtaining a copy of your criminal record and if it is a valid option to seek expungement in order to greatly improve your chances of gaining employment, getting a mortgage or a loan and generally improving your prospects.

Insight Into Felony Expungement

Going through the steps to expunge a felony , also know as the ”clear my criminal record” procedure, is a process where criminal felony charges are deleted from someone’s criminal record by hiring an expungement lawyer/attorney of course. If a felony is expunged, then it’s as if it never happened and will not show up on background checks, and a person can even state under oath the felony never occurred. Having a felony can be a big obstacle in someone’s life, affecting where they can live, where they work, and even if they can have a legal weapon. In this article, we’ll discuss some insights into expunging a felony from someone’s criminal record.

clear my criminal record dawson law group

Requirements for Felony Expungement

The requirements for felony expungement vary from state to state, and some states don’t allow this at all. Federal felonies can not be expunged at all, unless with a special rare pardon. Each state has it’s own definition of what a felony is, but they usually require a similar process to occur in order to expunge a felony.


A person must start with filling a request, which is then submitted in writing to a judge who will determine eligibility through a hearing     he/she will conduct. All fines and sentencing for the felony must be completed before filing for expungement. Also, most states require a wait of 5-10 years from the completion of their sentence. Probation also needs to be completed without any violations.

The process of applying for the expungement of a felony involves a lot of paperwork and legal complications. Having an attorney for this process is helpful and is worth the costs if can get the felony cleared.

Felonies Not eligible for Expungement

This varies from state to state, but generally speaking there are some felonies which are never eligible for expungement. These include felonies where the victim is younger than 18 years old, sexual crimes like rape or sexual battery, corrupting a minor, and child pornography.

Less serious felonies like drug possession and prostitution are more likely to be eligible for expungement. The more serious and violent the crime, the less likely it will be able to be cleared.

felony expungement dawson law group

Felony Expungement in Texas

If a person has been convicted of a felony in Texas, they’ll almost never be eligible to clear this from their record. The laws in Texas simply don’t allow the expungement of felonies if found guilty, unless they receive a pardon from the governor. If a completed deferred adjudication is received, then a person can be eligible to seal their record with an order of non-disclosure. This would hide the felony from landlords, loan officers at banks, and potential employers, but not from government offices.

expungement lawyer dawson law group

Felony Expungement Lawyer

Although a person doesn’t need a lawyer to go about the applying process to expunge a felony, they will ensure the complicated paperwork and procedures are done correctly. Even though a lawyer will cost some money to hire, the cost are worth it when thinking about the opportunities available when expungement is granted.

Having a felony conviction is a serious liability in a person’s life. It affects negatively their job prospects, living standards, and strips them of other rights like owning a firearm. Getting a felony expunged from a record will give a person a clear record and the ability to have more opportunity in their life. Unless a person takes action to clear a felony from their record, it will stay there indefinitely. Even though the process is difficult, it’s worthwhile to apply and try for.

expunge attorney dawson law group

How an Expungement Lawyer Changed My Life

I’m a simple girl, living in Central Texas. I will admit that I have made mistakes in my life, but the one that has haunted me for years was due to simply being naive. As a result, I was a soon to be elementary school teacher in need of clearing my criminal record by obtaining a felony expungement in Texas. If you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what that is, so I’ll cut to the chase and give you a link to the expungement lawyer that I speak of so fondly later in this article. Oh and you’ll notice some videos within my article. I know this can be a serious and touchy subject so I threw in some funny videos about court cases. I hope you like them. OK, let’s move on…let me start at the beginning.

Back in the Days When I Didn’t Even Know What a Felony Expungement Meant

I lived with a boyfriend in my late teens that sold marijuana. I didn’t think anything about it until the police arrived with a search warrant one evening. By the end of the night, I had been charged with possession of marijuana, which happened to be more than 4 oz.  This is a felony in TX. My case was presented to the grand jury several weeks later and it was “no billed,” meaning they didn’t believe there was enough evidence to send me to trial. My boyfriend went off to prison and I went off to college. After that one night in jail, I knew that this was not the life I wanted to live. I did great in college and was beyond excited to start my life as a teacher when I graduated. I knew that I had been charged with a felony, but after 4 years I assumed that it no longer mattered since I hadn’t been convicted. I sure as heck didn’t know I would need an expunge attorney either.

Learning I Needed an Expungement Lawyer the Hard Way

Apparently, it only mattered that I had been arrested and charged with a felony, not that my case was no billed. It still shows up when a background check is run. This means that, after working for four long years and graduating from college, I couldn’t work as teacher. After a bit of internet research, I contacted an expungement lawyer with the hope that I could get a felony expungement. I learned that, in TX, the laws are rather strict regarding who can qualify to have a felony expunged. Thankfully, I qualified due to never having been convicted on my possession charges. If I had been convicted, I would have had to receive a pardon from the governor before the courts would consider expunging the charge.

The Glorious Day When I Could Clear My Criminal Record

This part was relatively simple thanks to the fact that I had hired an expungement attorney with plenty of experience in this field. The hardest part was waiting. Thankfully, the 2 year statute of limitations on the possession charges had already passed, so I was only waiting on the court’s decision. After 45 days, the order was granted. However, it takes a few more weeks for the Texas Department of Public Safety to seal the records. Finally, I was able to clear my criminal record and apply for a teaching position.

Don’t fall into the trap I did! Do not assume that just because you were not convicted, you have a clear criminal record. If you have been arrested for a felony, you have to complete the felony expungement process to clear your record completely and to be able to check “no” on job applications when asked about a felony record. Like I said earlier, if you’re reading this you are probably involved in something similar. I can’t express to you in typed words the relief of having my life back. It truly is a second chance in life. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any.